Dress for Comfort & Ski for Fun...!


The chances are very good that you have clothes in your closet that is sufficient for your first few times skiing.Your clothing should fit comfortably allowing full freedom of movement. Synthetics (fleece for instance) wick moisture away from the body helping to keep you warm and dry. As conditions change during the day, you can take off or put on layers to keep comfortable.


40% and greater of your heat loss is through the head. Have a hat with you, if not on you, at all times. Lip balm, sunscreen and UV suglasses protect you from elements.


Again, synthetic, wool or a combination of these materials are your best bet. Generally, when cross country skiing you do not need heavy socks. The activity will keep you warm. If you wear two pair of socks be sure that you do not restrict the blood flow in your feet.

Cross country ski gloves usually do not need to be heavy. Some people like to wear a light synthetic liner under their gloves. Most outside XC g loves are a combination of synthetics and leather or simulated leather. Reinforcement in the thumb area and palm for poling s the mark of a good glove design.

Light long underwear (synthetic- polypropylene etc) transfer perspiration away from the body. Moderate weight wool or lycra clothing for the middle layers (i.e., turtlenecks, sweaters, vest) ensure warmth. Breathable, lightweight, windproof, water repellant clothing for the outer layer (i.e., windpants, windshell) that fit snugly around your ankles, waist and wrists keep out snow and wind out and warmth in. We, at Timber Creek, carry a complete supply of hats, headbands, gloves, socks, sunglasses and all those other *sudden weather change * extras in our ski shop. We also offer ski and snowshoe sales, ski repairs, waxing, binding mounting and free advice!